Dec 30, 2020 - Mar 13, 2021

The 8 Auspicious Symbols

Draw the most famous Tibetan Symbols in a course over 10 weeks!

...What better way to start the new year than in the most auspicious and prosperous way?

Over a course of 10 weeks -from the last Full Moon of 2020 to the New Moon before Spring 2021- Carmen will take you along on a special journey into these prosperous symbols. You will learn how to draw them in a step by step process, and create either 8 separate drawings, or a beautiful mandala with all the symbols in it.

The Eight Auspicious Symbols are not only decorative, but they bring prosperity and attract spiritual and material well-being. In Sanskrit this set is known as 'Ashtamangala'; ashta = eight and mangala = happiness.

The symbols are very popular among Tibetan Buddhists. They are depicted in monasteries as well as residential houses. They are also depicted in front of the entrance of temples when high lamas and teachers visit. In 2009, 2014 and 2018, Carmen was asked to paint these symbols to welcome HH the Dalai Lama in her home country The Netherlands.

This course is for you when:

  • You want to create the special symbols according to the Tibetan tradition
  • You want to learn more about thangka art and iconography
  • You want to experience the meditative aspect of thangka drawing

After this course:

  • You have drawn your own beautiful Mandala with all the symbols in it, or a set of 8 separate symbol drawings
  • You know about the deep meanings behind each of the Tibetan symbols
  • You have meditated and reflected upon each symbol that corresponds to the different aspects of your life, making your path clearer 

...An experience that lasts much longer than the course itself!


There are NO requirements for this course, anyone can join. In fact, you don't need to have any drawing experience at all. Carmen will guide and support you personally, and will bring out the best in you on your own level.

Course overview

Each Friday a new Course Module with one of the symbols will be available for you. You will keep on having access to all previous modules until the end of the course, so you can always catch up if needed. The last week is especially reserved for that.


From Dec 30, 2020: Preparations

The course opens on the last Full Moon of 2020, which is a beautiful day to reflect on the past year, that was such a different and turbulent year with the Covid-19 pandemic. A full moon day is a very favorable day in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, and a good day to do prayers and practices.

The Parasol or Umbrella
Week 2: The Parasol

From Fri Jan 8, 2021

The Parasol, or Umbrella, protects the Dharma practitioner.

May it also protect you and your loved ones in this new year, and during the Covid pandemic.

Week 3: The Pair of Fishes

From Fri Jan 15

The Pair of Golden Fishes swim through turbulent water, fearless and steadfast - a great lesson for this new year.

The Treasure Vase
Week 4: The Treasure Vase

From Fri Jan 22

The Treasure Vase pours forth an endless rain of long life nectar, health, wealth, prosperity and all the benefits of this world. No matter how much is taken away, the vase continues to stay full. 

The Lotus Flower
Week 5: The Lotus Flower

From Fri Jan 29

The lotus refers to many aspects of the spiritual path, as it grows from the mud but is unstained by it, so it appears clean on the surface,and finally produces a beautiful flower

The Conch Shell
Week 6: The Conch Shell

From Fri Jan 29

Today the Conch Shell is blown! As a symbol of  conquest, think about what you personally want to conquer this year. In general: let's hope Covid-19 will be conquered in this year as well.

The Eternal Knot
Week 7: The Eternal Knot

Fri Feb 12: LOSAR - Tibetan new Year!

Today we celebrate the start of Losar - Tibetan New Year! May this 'Diagram of Fortune' bring you prosperity in this year.

Victory Banner
Week 8: The Victory Banner

From Fri Feb 19

This banner represents the Victory of positive powers over negative - let it strengthen you in this year.

Dharma Wheel
Week 9: The Dharma Wheel

From Fri Feb 26

The golden Dharma Wheel represents the Noble Eightfold Path, which may be your best guideline for this year (and to live your life).

How to draw The 8 Auspicious Symbols
Week 10: Catch up & round off

From Fri March 5

An extra week to catch up on all the symbols that you haven't finished yet, colour the symbols, add extra decorations etc etc.


Sat March 13

The course finishes on New Moon, which is a very favorable day in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, and a good day to do prayers and practices.

Online Gallery

Let's have a toast!

The artworks and experiences of all the students will be collected and presented in a lovely online gallery that you will always have access to.

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Course Curriculum (each week the next module will be added)

  Welcome to the course!
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  Module 1: Introduction & Preparations: let's start!
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  Module 2: The Parasol
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  Module 3: The Pair of Golden Fishes
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  Module 4: The Treasure Vase
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