Colouring Techniques

From Black & White to Colour and Beyond - Become a Pencil Pro!

Have you seen some of the amazing drawings that are made by Carmen Mensink, and by her students during the thangka courses? Ever wondered how such effects were created? Colour along with Carmen as she discloses all the techniques used to create the most stunning thangka drawings.

This course can exclusively be purchased as part of a Thangka Course Bundle, so after you have drawn your Buddha(s) you can immediately apply the colouring techniques!

With clear videos, lots of closeups, examples from the thangka courses, tips and clear explanation on how to create certain effects, this course covers everything from the basic to the advanced levels:

  • Basic knowledge about Colour Theory and the colour circle
  • Shading techniques in black & white
  • Between black & white and colour
  • Shading techniques with coloured pencils
  • Thangka specifics
  • Outlining and decorating with additional materials
  • Blending Techniques: the use of additional materials and the effects that you can create with them
  • Lots of hints, tips and examples from the thangka courses
  • Lots of Bonuses