A 1hr One-on-one with Carmen

For coaching, practice, joy, & all your questions

Make a personal connection with your teacher and the thangka lineage.

You will receive a link to Carmen's calendar and can choose your One-on-One on your own preferred date and time - there's lots of choice for all time zones. If needed you can also reschedule your session. You will also be able to add your preferred topic(s), so Carmen can prepare for the session.

Just a few things that you could use your 1hr session for:

  • Get help and guidance on your drawing(s)
  • Get more hints & tips on your drawing(s)
  • Practice together / let Carmen demonstrate black & white shading and blending techniques
  • Practice together / let Carmen demonstrate coloured shading and blending techniques
  • Ask all your questions on thangka art, Carmen's own path, Buddhism, meditation, mantra etc.
  • Feel supported on your thangka art journey, and confident on your next step(s)

"I liked the special zoom session she took to help me understand the colouring techniques."

Kanti Arani Rao, Fort McMurray, Canada

"No matter the level of skill and experience a student has, everyone is made to feel welcome and special, and is treated with complete respect.

At the same time, Carmen is warm, friendly, unpretentious (despite having real bona fides as a recognized expert in her field) and intelligent, and has a sense of humor."

Amy Bryan, NYC, USA

"I learned a lot in my one-on-one Zoom session. Thank you Carmen!"

Joyce Isabelle, New Jersey, USA

"I love it that often I not only get to meet you,

but also your pets and sometimes

even your spouse and children!"