Apr 4 - Jun 4, 2023

Medicine Buddha Thangka Course

Learn to draw the Buddha of Healing, know all about the iconography and symbolism, and connect with him through the meditation & mantra

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During this in-depth course, you will learn how to draw the Medicine Buddha according
to the traditional Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Thangka.

The Medicine Buddha (Tib.: Sangye Menla) is the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ Healing
qualities, associated with healing both physical and mental suffering.
His deep blue lapis lazuli
colour, the bowl filled with medicinal nectar, and the healing plants that he holds, all symbolise
his power to conquer diseases and delusions.

Through Carmen Mensink's combination of creating art step by step, explaining the Buddha's
iconography and Tibetan Medicine, meditation and mantra
, you will not only connect with the
Medicine Buddha and create a meaningful drawing, but you will gain an experience that lasts way
longer than the duration of this course.

Before the course starts, an envelope with the traditional grid proportions for drawing this
Buddha will be shipped to you
, and during the course Carmen is fully available (through the
discussion sections in this course platform and via email) to guide and support you on your
drawing, bringing each student from where they are to a higher level.

You can start this course anytime within the above time frame and come back to it as much
as you like in between these dates.

The average thangka student will take up to 3 days to complete this course and draw the
Medicine Buddha in black & white.
If preferred, your drawing can be further worked out using
shading or colour (check out the course bundles with the Colouring Techniques course included!).

The list of art materials can be found at the bottom of this page.


Unlimited access

Colouring Techniques Course

This course will be available for you as soon as this bundle is purchased 

Become a pro in working with black & white pencils, coloured pencils and the effect of additional materials, and apply your newly learned techniques directly onto your Buddha drawings!

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Have you seen some of the amazing drawings that are made by Carmen Mensink
and her students?
Ever wondered how such effects were created?
Colour along with Carmen as she discloses all the techniques used to create
the most stunning thangka drawings.
And you can immediately apply the colouring techniques
on your Buddha(s)!

With clear instruction videos, lots of closeups, examples from the thangka courses,
tips and clear explanation on how to create certain effects, this course covers
everything from the basic to the advanced levels:

- Basic knowledge about colours and the colour circle
- Shading techniques in black & white
- Between black & white and colour
- Shading techniques with coloured pencils
- Thangka specifics
- Outlining, decorating
- Lots of hints, tips and examples from the thangka courses
- Bonus: the use of additional materials and their effects

The list of art materials can be found at the bottom of this page.

This Course Bundle is for you when:

  • You want to learn to draw Medicine Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tardition of thangka
  • You want to know the deep meanings locked up in Tibetan Buddhist Art and want to experience its meditative aspect
  • You want to learn how to work with the special colouring techniques and materials to enhance your Buddha drawings

After this Course Bundle:

  • You have drawn your own beautiful Medicine Buddha
  • You have learned all about their symbolism and iconography, and about a beautiful, ancient tradition
  • You have experienced inner peace and joy through the drawing processes, the meditations and working with the mantras, and created a meaningful connection with Medicine Buddha
  • You have gained great knowlegde on colouring techniques and know how to enhance your Buddha drawings to the max!


The School for Tibetan Buddhist Art stays true to the Tibetan Thangka Tradition. Therefore, in order to take this Medicine Buddha Thangka Course, you need to have taken the base course Drawing the Buddha Face! with Carmen Mensink (online or onsite) before you can register for this course. (for questions on this go to profile > contact). If you want to learn how to draw the Medicine Buddha but haven't taken the Buddha Face course yet, you choose a Thangka Course Bundle that includes both courses (see below).

I didn't think I could draw a full Buddha

"The course felt thorough. Carmen is adept at instruction and encouragement!

I loved learning about the mantra.

I learned a lot in my one-on-one Zoom session.

I didn’t think I could draw a full Buddha. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about thangka methods, working with pencil, and colors. In addition, learned about the Medicine Buddha and his mantra, plants, symbolism.

Thank you Carmen!"

Joyce Isabelle, New Jersey, USA

Buddha Face onsite with Carmen

Medicine Buddha Online Thangka Art Course

Private Zoom Session

Transformation of grid to the full body figure as we go on the course step by step

This session was structured very well to understand the iconography and how to draw the full Buddha body.

I really enjoyed the transformation of grid to the full body figure as we go on the course step by step.

I reall liked the way Carmen explained drawing feet and hands in this course.

I also liked the special zoom session she took to help me understand the colouring techniques.

Kanti Arani Rao, Fort mcmurray, Canada

Purchased Thangka Course Bundle:

Drawing the Buddha Face!

Medicine Buddha Thangka Art Course

Private Zoom Session

Far exceeding my expectations!

"I loved the depth of this course: intention meditation, mantras, learning about the history of Thangka and Tibetan medicine, the meaning of symbolism, dedication meditation...

I didn't just learn how to draw the Medicine Buddha, but have gained a rich spiritual practice. Your course was amazing, far exceeding my expectations!"

Jennifer Selkow, Minneapolis, USA

Purchased Thangka Course Bundle:

Drawing the Buddha Face!

Medicine Buddha Thangka Art Course