Feb 10 (Losar, Tibetan New Year!) - Apr 14, 2024

The Buddha

Learn to draw Shakyamuni, the Historical Buddha, the one we most often refer to as simple 'The Buddha.' Learn all about his iconography and symbolism, and connect with him though meditation & mantra.

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During this in-depth course, you will learn how to draw The Buddha according
to the traditional Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Thangka.

Buddha Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha of our time, generally referred to as The Buddha.
Besides the clear drawing instructions you will be taken to ancient India 2500yrs ago, learn about
his life (and the previous ones!), his path, his meditation, mantra (and the meaning of it), as well as about
the impact his teachings had and that caused a stir in India at the time.

Through Carmen Mensink's combination of creating art step by step, explaining the Buddha's iconography,
meditation and mantra
, you will not only connect with The Buddha and create a meaningful drawing,
but you will gain an experience that lasts way longer than the duration of this course.

Before the course starts, an envelope with the traditional grid proportions for drawing this
Buddha will be shipped to you
, and during the course Carmen is fully available to guide and
support you on your drawing, bringing each student from where they are to a higher level.

You can start this course anytime within the above time frame and come back to it as much
as you like in between these dates.
The average thangka student will take up to 3 days to complete
this course and draw The Buddha in black & white. If preferred, your drawing can be further worked out using
colour and shading (check out the course bundles with the Colouring Techniques course included!).

The list of art materials can be found at the bottom of this page.


Unlimited access

Colouring Techniques

Become a pro in working with black & white pencils, coloured pencils and the effect of additional materials, and apply your newly learned techniques directly onto your Buddha drawings!

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Have you seen some of the amazing drawings that are made by Carmen Mensink
and her students?
Ever wondered how such effects were created?
Colour along with Carmen as she discloses all the techniques used to create
the most stunning thangka drawings.
And you can immediately apply the colouring techniques
on your Buddha(s)!

With clear instruction videos, lots of closeups, examples from the thangka courses,
tips and clear explanation on how to create certain effects, this course covers
everything from the basic to the advanced levels:

- Basic knowledge about colours and the colour circle
- Shading techniques in black & white
- Between black & white and colour
- Shading techniques with coloured pencils
- Thangka specifics
- Outlining, decorating
- Lots of hints, tips and examples from the thangka courses
- Bonus: the use of additional materials and their effects

The list of art materials can be found at the bottom of this page.
This Course Bundle is for you when:
  • You have previously drawn the Buddha Face with Carmen
  • You want to learn to draw The Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tardition of thangka
  • You want to know the deep meanings locked up in Tibetan Buddhist Art and want to experience its meditative aspect
  • You want to learn how to work with the special colouring techniques and materials to enhance your Buddha drawings
After this Course Bundle:
  • You have drawn your own beautiful Buddha
  • You have learned all about the symbolism and iconography, and about a beautiful, ancient tradition
  • You have experienced inner peace and joy through the drawing processes, the meditations and working with the mantra
  • You have gained great knowlegde on colouring techniques and know how to enhance your Buddha drawing(s) to the max!

Requirements: Buddha Face Course

The School for Tibetan Buddhist Art stays true to the Tibetan Thangka Tradition. Therefore, in order to join this bundle, you need to have taken the base course 'Buddha Face' with Carmen Mensink (online or onsite) before you can register.

If you haven't taken the Buddha Face Course yet, please choose from the following bundles instead (and save money):


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Secure your course space for The Buddha + Colouring Techniques (dates on top of this page). Limited amount of students.

Optionally an extra 1hr Private Zoom Meeting with Carmen can be added on your next page (checkout).

Payments can be done in USD or EUR. Prices shown include the VAT (if applicable, depending on your country). Payments with Paypal can only be done when choosing USD.

Important: Please check 'I agree to receive instructional and promotional emails' on the next page, otherwise Carmen won't be able send you info on this course. Also please leave your address on the last page so she can ship you the the course grids.

Opportunity to do this with such an excellent teacher, in a way that I could afford

"I was so happy to find this course.

To have the opportunity to do this with such an excellent teacher, in a way that I could afford, and not have to travel made it all possible.

I loved learning the history and the context and the symbolism, and how to meditate with the thangka.

I also loved seeing other's creations."

Metta, USA

Transformation of grid to the full body figure as we go on the course step by step

This session was structured very well to understand the iconography and how to draw the full Buddha body.

I really enjoyed the transformation of grid to the full body figure as we go on the course step by step.

I reall liked the way Carmen explained drawing feet and hands in this course.

I also liked the special zoom session I booked with Carmen to help me understand the colouring techniques.

Kanti Arani Rao, Canada

Gained confidence in colouring my Buddhist drawings

"I loved the coloring techniques course. I approached it with a degree of skepticism thinking colouring pencils could only ever achieve a matte and flat finish but the shine achievable using Carmen's techniques even for a beginner like me is amazing.

Carmen has kept up her usual very high standard with this course. 

I loved the extra bits like learning from the Dutch Masters. 

The most important thing for me though was that in this course I gained confidence in colouring my Buddhist drawings which I never had before thanks to the way Carmen gently and methodically guides from the simple to more complex Buddhist symbols in her very quiet relaxed approach. 

I was colouring in confidently before I realised it."

Anne Crosbie, Australia