How does this course platform work?

Course duration
After enrollment, this course will be available for you during the announced time frame. During this time you can join the course anytime, and come back to it as much as you like.

Email reminders
You will receive an email reminder when this course starts, as well as each week for the duration of this course. To receive these emails make sure you did NOT select 'email opt out' in your profile.

Guidance and Questions
Questions can be asked in the comment section under each lecture. Here you can also upload pictures of your artwork for Carmen to check (she will answer asap but know that she's on Central European Time so she may be asleep when you are awake :-) ).
During the course you can contact Carmen as much as you like.

To be notified when Carmen has answered your question, or when one of the other students has contacted you, Go to your Profile -> Edit profile and make sure all Notification settings are on.

Video Settings
When watching a video, the following items can be controlled in the left and right bottom corner (see image above):

You may want to draw along with the videos and pause them in between

Go back 10 seconds
When pressing this button multiple times in a row the video goes farther backward

Go forward 10 seconds
When pressing this button multiple times in a row the video goes farther forward

Note that on some devices the volume may be lower than on others. If you experience this, changing to a different device (computer/tablet/phone) may help, or use.

Each video can be watched with subtitles: when playing a video click 'subtitles' in the right bottom corner and choose your language. They can also be turned off here. Note that the subtitles are auto-generated, so they might have some flaws in it. Currently provided are subtitles in English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German and French. If you prefer a different language please contact me (leave a comment or via profile -> contact).

Personal notes

I would NOT recommend you to write your personal notes in here, as they will be lost once the course is finished. Best to use a notebook and pen, or write your notes on your grids/handouts.

In this gear icon you can change the speed of the video if you want to listen to the talks slower or faster.

For playing videos picture in picture

For watching the videos fullscreen

Issues when playing the videos
If you experience issues playing the videos this may have to do with the browser you're watching them in. If you use Safari please update to the latest browser version. Also changing your browser to Google Chrome may help for a better experience.

Complete and Continue

After a section is complete, click on the 'Complete and continue' button at the bottom to go to the next section

For students enrolled in this course: on the opening date, all of the Course Modules + Bonus Materials will be disclosed for you on the next page, by clicking the 'Complete and continue' button. Enjoy the course!

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