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Fall 2024 (date to be announced)

White Tara Thangka Art Course

In this in-depth course, you will learn how to draw this beautiful female Buddha according to the traditional Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Thangka. 

White Tara (Tib.: Drolkar) is one of the main deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon associated with Long Life. Her meditation practice, also included in this course, can be done to prolong your life and to overcome life-threatening obstacles such as illnesses. It is said that White Tara's seven eyes enable her to clearly 'see' all beings in the realms of existence.

An image of White Tara can be offered to someone who's ill or who you wish a long life to, or can be offered to a newly born baby to wish that this child may have a long life ahead.

Through Carmen Mensink's combination of creating art step by step, explaining the Buddha's iconography, symbolism, meditation and mantra, you will not only connect with White Tara and create a meaningful drawing, but you will gain an experience that lasts way longer than the duration of this course.

Before the course starts a package with the traditional grid proportions for drawing this Buddha will be shipped to you and during the course Carmen is fully available (through the discussion sections in this course platform and via email) to guide and support you on your drawing, bringing each student from where they are to a higher level.

You can start this course anytime within the above time frame and come back to it as much as you like in between these dates.

The average thangka student will take up to 3 days to complete this course and draw White Tara in black & white. If preferred, your drawing can be further worked out using shading or colour (check out the course bundles with the Colouring Techniques course included!). The list of art materials can be found in the Course Curriculum at the bottom of this page. More questions? Check the FAQ.

This course is for you when:

  • You have previously drawn the Buddha Face with Carmen Mensink, either onsite or online
  • You want to learn to draw the Buddha of Longevity as well as knowing all about her background and symbolism
  • You want to experience the meditative aspect of thangka drawing

After this course:

  • You have drawn your own beautiful White Tara, and learned about her deep symbolism
  • You have experienced inner peace and joy through the drawing process, and working with her meditation & mantra
  • You have created a connection with White Tara, and with an ancient tradition, and have gained an experience that lasts way longer than the duration of this course


The School for Tibetan Buddhist Art stays true to the Tibetan Thangka Tradition. Therefore, in order to take this White Tara Thangka Course, you need to have taken the base course Drawing the Buddha Face! with Carmen Mensink (online or onsite) before you can register for this course (for questions on this go to profile > contact). If you want to learn how to draw the White Tara but haven't taken the Buddha Face course yet, you need to choose the Thangka Course Bundle that includes both courses, see below.

Note that drawing White Tara is more complicated than Medicine Buddha, so if you have little to no drawing experience you may want to start with the Buddha Face + Medicine Buddha.

Fully met my expectations

"This course has fully met my expectations. The different aspects such as meditation, drawing, explanation etc. complement each other well.

Carmen knows how to stimulate me and the others (I think) and to guide them in a subtle way: ".... very nice .... you could possibly do this or that like this".

Very pleasant.

She has a lot of knowledge of the matter and knows how to convey it clearly.

I cannot think of any points for improvement."

Feeds my soul, enhances and supports my creativity

"I love the combination of art, meditation and lectures. It feeds my soul, enhances and supports my creativity and it is always a wonderful learning experience.

I like the way Carmen teaches. She is very encouraging for both beginners and advanced. She is firm when it comes to preserving this traditional art form but also flexible in that she understands everyone sees the world differently and that is reflected in their art.

You are a wonderful teacher Carmen. You have great passion and integrity for what you do. Keep on teaching. I am grateful and very thankful you exist in this world and that our paths crossed."

You have to experience it yourself!

"I really enjoy the courses of Carmen. 

Can't describe how peaceful and fulfilling it is, you have to experience it yourself!"