How does this course platform work?

1) After enrollment, this course will be available for you during the announced time frame. During course availability you can join the course anytime, and come back to it as much as you like in between the dates.

2) You will receive an email reminder when this course starts ->>> make sure you have NOT selected 'email opt out' in your profile, otherwise Carmen can't answer your questions and send you emails about the course etc.

3) Questions can be asked in the comment section under each lecture. You can also contact Carmen individually for guidance via your profile -> contact.

4) Can you watch the video above? If you experience issues playing the videos you may try switching to 'Flash' by selecting the option in the gear icon on top of this page. If you use Safari please update to the latest browser version. Also changing your browser to Google Chrome may help for a better experience.

5) In the gear icon you can enter more preferences, such as Autoplay, Autocomplete, Player (HTML5 or Flash) and Speed of the video (if you want to listen to the talks slower or faster)

6) After a section is complete, click 'Complete and continue' to go to the next one

For students enrolled in this course: on the opening date, all of the Course Modules + Bonus Materials will be disclosed for you on the next page, by clicking the 'Complete and continue' button.

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